When most people are faced with the prospect of missing teeth, dentures come to mind immediately.

It’s true that these restorations have long been the treatment of choice to replace missing teeth. But the good news for today’s patients is that these are not your grandparents’ old-fashioned tooth replacements.

Today’s modern dentures are more comfortable than ever, and they look much more natural than the fake-looking replacement teeth of yesterday.

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Partial Dentures

When you have just a few missing teeth, a partial denture might be the answer. Partial dentures consist of replacement teeth attached to a plastic base that is made to look like your gums. Clasps are used to fit the partial around your existing teeth.

It’s important to fill in the gap left behind by missing teeth, and a partial does this effectively. Filling in the space protects the rest of your teeth from shifting and helps keep them strong and healthy.

Complete Dentures

For those who are facing the loss of all their teeth, complete dentures provide a set of teeth that are custom-made to suit each individual. Most people will not even be able to tell you are wearing dentures. They look that good these days!

The process itself will take place over a period of time, beginning with the extraction of all of your teeth if needed. Once your gums heal, you will be fitted with a set of custom dentures. These will fit right over your healed gums.

There is an adjustment period while you become accustomed to the dentures. You will want to stick to soft foods at first until you are used to chewing with them, at which time you can expand your food choices. Be sure to also avoid chewing gum.

Most people get used to them fairly quickly and will find they are soon eating most of their favorite foods, laughing, and speaking just as they did prior to the procedure.

Dentures and Dental Implants: A Great Combination

For the best of both worlds, implant-supported dentures offer the convenience of dentures with the stability of implants. With implant-supported dentures, you have none of the worries of dentures shifting or moving when you are eating, speaking, or laughing.

There is another benefit to these stabilized dentures: Wearers will not experience facial collapse. This is the sunken-in look denture wearers develop over the years as their jawbone begins to shrink. It makes people look older, and it means dentures have to be routinely adjusted to ensure a good fit.

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Today’s modern dentures are a great way to replace missing teeth. Find out what type is best for you by calling Dr. Stasch!