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Jeffrey J. Stasch, DDS

Dr. Jeffrey Stasch, DDS

My journey started in a VERY small town in the sandhills of north-central Nebraska. As a young boy, people would bring anything that was broken or worn out and say, “See if you can fix this.” I love taking anything apart, seeing how it works (or doesn’t) and fixing it. Presently I am completely disassembling and restoring a 1962 Jeep pickup.

I went to school at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, and have practiced in Garden City for 33 years—the blink of an eye! Through those years, I have been president of the Kansas Dental Association and served on the State Dental Board.

Nationally, I served on the American Dental Association Council on Access Prevention and Interprofessional Relations, and was a founding member of the Give Kids a Smile Advisory Board, as well as Kansas representative to the House of Delegates. I was co-founder of the Kansas Mission of Mercy dental access project, which led to being the first president of the America’s Dentists Care Foundation, which provides free dental care in 35 states to the tune of $45 million annually.

But the bottom line for me is that dentistry is a perfect blending of science and art: It must look beautiful, and it has to last a long time. My best day is when I see a patient who came in with a mouth full of problems, and after fixing things, they have come in for years of perfect checkups. That is a win for both of us!

My neighbor recommended your services profusely

My neighbor recommended your services profusely, and boy was she spot-on! Now we’re the ones out there singing your praises!

- Steven D.

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