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We provide a variety of comprehensive services to fit your needs. See a complete list of our services and additional information below.
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The main focus of our practice is on educating our patients on preventive dental care. We would love for our patients to take such good care of their oral health, they rarely need to see us for other treatments!

To that end, we have equipped our office with leading-edge dental technology to ensure that your visits to the dentist are quick, efficient, and comfortable.

But nothing takes the place of regular examinations and cleanings. When you come in regularly, we can take care of any problems that do come up while they are still small. Treatment is easier, less expensive, and more comfortable!

At Stasch Dental, we have been providing generations of patients with excellent dental care, and we look forward to providing the same for your family.

Preventive Care

Nothing beats prevention when it concerns your oral health.

As per the American Dental Association's recommendations, we recommend you and your family come every six months for checkups and cleanings. We suggest that you bring in the youngest members of your family as soon as that first tooth erupts.

We also advise that our patients get full x-rays annually. We are pleased to offer digital radiography, which provides faster results and gives off less radiation than the old-fashioned x-rays.

General Treatment

In spite of our best efforts at preventive care, sometimes things go wrong. If you have a tooth infection, you might need a root canal. Contrary to popular belief, however, this common treatment is on par with a dental filling so there is no reason to fear it. A root canal will eliminate your tooth pain—and save the tooth in the process!

If nothing can be done to save your tooth, an extraction might be the only option. Dr. Stasch can provide both simple and surgical extractions—including wisdom teeth—and he has an experienced and gentle touch to ensure your comfort.

Restorative Dentistry

When teeth are missing or damaged, you might feel self-conscious about opening your mouth. You might also have trouble chewing properly.

It’s important to address these issues, and we have many options available, including dental crowns and dental bonding that will fix your teeth from an esthetic standpoint and ensure you can chew properly.

If you have one or more teeth missing, it’s critical to get those spaces in your mouth filled. Whether you opt for dentures, a bridge, or implants, these will restore your ability to chew and ensure you no longer have to be embarrassed about gaps in your teeth.

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Our team wants to ensure that you know how to take care of your oral health so you can have healthy teeth for the rest of your life. Call Stasch Dental today! 

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